About Us

About Rachel Barnes Photography

If youíre looking for stylised and posed photographs, Iím afraid weíre not the photographers for you. We specialise in natural photography.

We believe the key to a good photograph is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Thatís why we do our best to put you at ease, helping you to relax without feeling self-conscious.

Children and pets love to explore our beautiful walled garden, which provides a perfect setting for spontaneous photography in natural daylight. We also work in our stunning studio, which offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for your photo shoot.

Our job is to capture the true essence of you or your petís personality and character in print.

After the shoot, weíll give you a selection of photographs Ė both colour and black and white Ė to choose from, for you to keep and cherish for a lifetime.

About me

Iím an award-winning photographer. I love working with babies, children, families and pets; I find photographing weddings particularly rewarding.

Iíve found the best way to create stunning natural photographs is to get everyone to enjoy themselves. We donít ask children to assume awkward poses or dress up pets in silly props. Itís not natural and thereís no need for it. Simply relax, be yourself and your personality will shine through.

I hope you can see from the photographs that they really do speak for themselves. If you would like us to capture a precious moment in time, get in touch on 01832 720154.